WR Arts Tech Rehearsal Information

Location: IS 126 Auditorium

Entrance at 108 Bayard St.

Saturday, May 18th - (Tech Rehearsal NO COSTUME)

Please be ON TIME for check in to ensure that we stay on schedule.

Students will wear class uniform and footwear with hair pulled neatly off of face.

Although subject to change, the order below is our tentative running order for both Saturday tech rehearsals and Sunday performances.

After your child has their tech on stage, ONE parent may pick them up at the check in desk as soon as they are done. Only designated faculty members are allowed backstage.

Show 1: 

Check in: Not before 10:30am and no later than 10:45am

Tech: 11-11:45pm

Wednesday 3:30pm Creative Ballet 1A *This class happens at King’s Bay Y - 14 Hope St.

Tuesday 3:30pm Pint Sized Pop *This class happens at King’s Bay Y - 14 Hope St.

Saturday 10:30am/11:30am Combo Classes 1 & 2

Thursday 3:30pm Irish Dance 1A 

Monday 3:30pm Creative Ballet 1B

Thursday 4:30pm Jazz 1A

Show 2: 

Check in: Not before 12pm and no later than 12:15pm

Wednesday 3:30 Creative Ballet 1B *This class happens at 573 Metropolitan Ave.

Wednesday 4:30 Ballet 2/3

Tuesday 4:30 French

Monday 3:30 Ballet I

Wednesday 3:30 Ballet I

Tuesday 4:30 Tap 2

Monday 4:30 Ballet 3

Thursday 4:30 Irish Dance 1B

Monday 5:30 Modern

Tuesday 3:30 Ballet 2

Tuesday 3:30 Tap 1

Thursday 3:30 Ballet 2

Thursday 3:30 Jazz 1B

Thursday 4:30 Jazz 2

Tuesday 5:30 Tap 3

YPC 1 & 2 Friday Rep

Tech: 12:30-2:30pm*

WR Arts Performance Day Information

Location: IS 126 Auditorium

Entrance at 108 Bayard St.

Sunday, May 19th - (Performance Day)

Students will arrive dressed in full costume, with hair pulled completely back and off of face with NO accessories (see Costume/Hair details below). After check in, parents will head to the auditorium line and pick up additional tickets at Will Call (see Ticket details below).

Show 1 - 11 AM (run time approximately 45 mins):

Check in: 10:15-10:30am

Show time: Doors 10:35am, Curtain 11am 

1st Dismissal (Wednesday Creative Ballet 1A and Tuesday Pint Sized Pop will be dismissed after the third number)

2nd Dismissal (All other students will be dismissed after the final number)*

Show 2 - 1:30 PM (run time approximately 1.75hrs):

Check in: 12:45-1pm

Show time: Doors 1:10pm, Curtain 1:30pm 

1st Dismissal (Wednesday Creative Ballet 1B, Monday Ballet 1, and Wednesday Ballet 1 will be dismissed after number 6)

2nd Dismissal (Tuesday Tap 1 will be dismissed after the 12th number)*

*A Note About Dismissal:

On Sunday, your child will only be released at their designated dismissal times. Unless previously cleared with a member of our management staff and except in the event of emergency, you will be denied if you attempt to collect your child before their designated dismissal time. This is in order to ensure the safety of all our students. Please feel free to contact Frank in the office at info@wrarts.org or (917) 847-5727 with any questions or concerns about our dismissal policy.

Costumes & Hair

Costumes will be distributed 2 weeks prior to the performance (the week of May 6th). You will be responsible for all costume(s) and costume pieces. Costumes cannot be replaced if lost or damaged so please be sure to store properly.

All students must be wearing the appropriate footwear for each class for both Tech Rehearsal & the Show. The footwear requirements can be found on the uniform page of our website.

Hair must be pulled back and slicked into a tight bun. Short hair can be pulled back off of the face as neatly as possible. Boys with longer hair must secure it off the face with pins or headband. Use the tech rehearsal to practice and to see if hair stays secure during rehearsal.

Students must arrive on May 19th dressed in full costume, with hair and light stage make up done. We will not be providing hair or make up assistance so if you have any questions, please ask us on the day of tech rehearsal.

If your child is in multiple pieces they will come dressed in their 1st costume (marked with orange tape) and holding their garment bag with all other costumes, pieces and shoes.

Children in Show 1 & 2

Dress Rehearsal: Your child may stay with us between their first and second tech rehearsal or you may check them out after the 1st tech and return at 12pm for the second tech. We will NOT provide any food on May 18th, so please plan ahead and pack them snacks/lunch if you wish for them to stay with us between tech rehearsals.

Show Day: We WILL provide lunch for students in both shows on May 19th. You may leave them with us between shows or check them out after Show 1 and return for Show 2 check in at 12:45pm.


Each family receives 2 tickets per child performing to the show in which the child is performing. These will be distributed at Dress Rehearsal during check in. Additional tickets must be obtained in advance through Eventbrite and may be picked up at Will Call on the day of the show. If your child is in both Show 1 & 2, the 2 tickets received at tech rehearsal will allow you access to both shows.