Home Base Mid Season check in: General Children’s programing



With our Fall Session nearing it's end, Steph and I wanted to take this moment to thank you for a great start and to bring to attention ways you can help support your child's advancement in our programing.

We here at WR Arts are definitely feeling the “Week 12 Groove”. This means that our kiddies are well settled in; snuggled into their routines and their new home. While we celebrate their level of comfort we notice this comes with a price. Things have become a too relaxed in certain cases and we need to tighten up a bit. Next session, we're buckling down and preparing for our annual May performances. With that, we need your assistance in supporting the ideals and standards we're setting in place.


With the exception of a few classes (French Immersion, extended day, and soon to return Theater/ Voice class) all dance programing has a dress code, no matter the age. Standardizing our uniforms helps instill pride in our dancers, as well as discipline and removes any distractions tutus and streetwear can lend in class. Please take this time to review your child's proper dress code, as per their class. This is all said knowing our kids love to show their individuality so in addition to the basics required, visit our “student uniform requirements” under the Home Base tab at WRArts.org for class acceptable warm up & skirt options. And when all else fails (or the leo’s in the laundry), plain well fitting black or white tees (no logos) and black leggings are ALWAYS welcome. This low cost alternative also ensures your child is comfortable and ready to work!


Boys/ Gender Neutral option for ALL classes: Well fitted black or white tee (no logos) with black leggings/ Jazz pants + class appropriate shoes.

Creative Ballet, Tap 1, Irish Dance, Jazz 1: Light pink leotard (preferably w/out attached skirt) + pink/ flesh toned tights &/or black leggings/ tights (Jazz & Irish Dance only) + appropriate Shoes (pink ballet slippers • black Tap shoes • black Jazz shoes) No more Tutus please.

Ballet 1A &1B, Tap 2*, Ballet 2*, Jazz 2*: light blue leotard (preferably w/out attached skirt) + pink/ flesh toned tights &/or Black leggings/ tights (Jazz only) + appropriate Shoes (pink ballet slippers • black Tap shoes • black Jazz shoes) No more Tutus please.

Ballet III, Tap III, Ballet II/ III: black leotard + pink/ flesh toned tights &/or black leggings/ tights + appropriate shoes. YPC students permitted to wear company uniforms. Tap III students permitted to wear warm ups or non-restrictive streetwear.

Saturday programing: Any color leotard + pink/flesh toned tights or black leggings/ tights + pink Ballet slippers & black tap shoes

*excluding YPC students who wear different leotard colors.

For safety and better focus, dancers are NOT permitted to wear jewelry in class.


With discussing uniforms comes standardizing dance class ready hair. We get it... this is Brooklyn and our kids are bright, vibrant, and super sure of their likes and dislikes. Getting your kid to pull their hair back can be challenging, but hair neatly secured off the face in a ponytail, braids, bun or headband also lends to better focus and attention. Hair clips, headbands (small cat ears are ok for our level 1 students), scrunchies, and beads are welcome. Sorry no loose hair, Unicorn horns, Crowns, or Tiaras.


Please refrain from sending your child on dancing days with ANY toys, phones, or electronic devices. Apart from not being responsible for lost/stolen/ broken items, these items only lend to soft focus in class & in preparation for class. Students are readily reachable via our main phone line, in the event of emergency. Please call or text us at 917-847-5727 if necessary.


If your child is absent from school and won’t be at pick up please notify us via email, call or text by 12PM day of or as soon as possible. While it’s understandable you might forget to give us the heads up, the delay and confusion stemming from not having advance notice definitely disrupts the flow.

Don’t forget to pack your kids an extra snack! While we do house snacks free of charge for the hungry as a courtesy, home prepared snacks ensure your child is eating what you are most comfortable with.

A reminder our classes generally dismiss at 4:30 & 5:30, respectively. That means our after school pick up kids will need a few additional minutes to change and gather themselves. Kindly factor this into your pick up time, allowing our general drop off families to exit while your kids take the additional 5 -10 minutes to get out the door. If you need your after schooler ready to exit promptly at the class end time and you’re ok with them leaving in their dance wear, just shoot us a note!

We’re excited to end this current session on a strong note and get ready for our SPRING! If you need any assistance in securing dress code or have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wrarts.org or text the main line, 917-847-5727.

With Great care,

The Guiland Sisters, Nicky & Stephanie

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