Home Base Mid Season Check In: YPC


Hello WR Arts YPC Families

With our Fall Session nearing its end, Steph and I wanted to take this moment to thank you for a great start and to bring to attention the support we need for your child's advancement in our programing.

We here at WR Arts are definitely feeling the “Week 12 Groove”. This means that our kiddies are well settled in; snuggled into their routines and their new home. While we celebrate their level of comfort we notice this comes with a price. Things have become a too relaxed in certain cases and we need to tighten up a bit. Next session, we're buckling down and preparing for our annual YPC Winter Works in Progress Performance. With that, we urgently need your assistance in supporting the ideals and standards we're setting in place.

Uniforms/ Dress code

By this point ALL YPC members should have their presentation required uniform. As a reminder they are allowed to use their old uniform during weekly classes. They MUST have their required pink or flesh toned tights for ballet, black leggings or black jazz pants are needed as well for modern, tap or jazz class. Ms. Nicky’s class is the only exception; the students may wear street wear for her Tap classes. Appropriate shoes are a MUST at this point in the session. I (Ms Stephanie) have been experiencing way too often in my ballet classes, students that forget their shoes somewhere, leave one shoe at home, or simply don’t know where they are. While I can continue to make allowances this response doesn’t serve the student. Shoes are not only uniform but they are a TOOL for their work to be completed properly. As I say to them, would they go to a soccer game without their cleats? The same applies to dance. While I as a parent recognize the need to encourage our children’s sense of responsibility, PLEASE help them along with packing their necessary items.

Warm ups must be appropriately fitted as well. NO Hoodies please. Being able to see a dancer’s lines is important and while your favorite Champion sweatshirt might be welcoming, it makes for hard self correction, etc. Warm ups are a vital piece of a dancer’s working wardrobe, but are not to be worn in lieu of dress code. All pieces must be removed at the quarter mark  /after the “warm up” portion of class.

For acceptable warm up attire, see our suggestions available for purchase on Discount Dance: http://bit.ly/2P9iwUe


We are aware that illness and events pop up to create obstacles beyond our control. Life happens. We also greatly appreciate the communication that you have all had with us when these events kept your dancer out of class. Nonetheless, we still need to have them present. When a student misses class, especially on numerous occasions, not only do they miss pertinent information that directly affects their level of improvement, but they miss choreographic information. Spacing needs rearranging and steps get re-taught. This poor usage of time robs the work of precious time. The process becomes impeded without all dancers present. We are eight weeks away from the YPC Winter Showcase. Factor in the holidays and this eight translates really to five. Please help us help your child by making certain they are present to all remaining classes; PRE and POST performance.

Class Conduct

With a sense of comfort comes often in its wake, lax behavior in class. Talking accompanied by goofy antics creates a serious distraction in class. Some do not participate in this harmless behavior yet all are affected.

Our duty as your children’s instructors is to teach them how to conduct themselves not only in our studio and other studios in the future, but in life as well. Focus and concentration along with respect for the surroundings are required in ALL learning environments. Please remind your child to keep their chatting and play relegated to whatever time they have before or after class.

Timely Mannered Pick Up and Early School Pick Up Notice

We all know that on occasion the traffic can be daunting and that keeping to the pick up times can be challenging at best. Our caring faculty will always make certain that your child is in good hands, but please keep in mind that they too need to go home after long days.

Also, please remember to alert our home base as soon as you possibly can if your child has been picked up early/ sick and they are included in after school pick up. The sooner we know, the sooner we can prepare the assigned chaperone/ teacher for who to wait for or not to wait for.

In the event of an emergency and/ or delay, please call the main studio line at 917-847-5727 to let us know ASAP.


Please refrain from sending your child on dancing days with phones or electronic devices. Apart from not being responsible for lost/stolen/ broken items, these items only lend to soft focus in class & in preparation for class. If it is unavoidable, please be aware that the devices will be either collected once in studio and returned before their pick up. Students are readily reachable via our main phone line, in the event of emergency. Please call or text us at 917-847-5727 if necessary.

We are excited to end this session on a strong note and with everyone on the same page. This collective effort will only make for a successful remainder of the year. And great dancers with wonderful work ethic!

With warmest regards and best of hopes,

The Guiland Girls