Middle School Initiative

Auditioning for Performing Arts High School Programs is both an exciting and scary endeavor that requires a great deal of the right kind of preparation! Many parents, students and performing arts schools don't know or don't take the time to educate their families on how best to plan for a performing arts program audition. Most people don't understand the difference between performing and auditioning. The difference contrast taking a class and training in a specific technique. The distinction between performing a competition solo versus understanding and demonstrating technical dance vocabulary. 

Don't know if you know?- Here'a a test!

Can you answer these questions for your child?:  

  • What is technique?
  • How many techniques and styles has your child trained in?
  • For Dancers; Does your child  have a strong Ballet foundation?
  • For Theater Arts (voice & acting); Does your child read music? Do they have a song/scene prepared that a professional has chosen for them so it best shows off their skills?
  • Were their instructors trained professionals in their fields?
  • Does your child have the training and understanding of what is expected of them in both an audition and in a performing arts program?
  • What do the Judges look for in an audition?
  • Does your child know how to best present themselves in front of a judging panel?
  • Does your child have the academic, mental and physical stamina to be in a performing arts high school program?
  • What you want to get out of being a part of a performing arts program?

Not knowing these and a 100 other basic things often stop a child from being accepted into the school of their dreams. These are the mistakes parents and children alike unknowingly make and feel a sense of frustration when they receive a rejection letter. We want to change that...We're going to change that!

Founded in 2016 by Lakey Evans Peña of Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center, our Middle School Initiative focuses solely on sharing our professional knowledge and standards to our school community, while preparing students for specialized High School Dance, Voice, & Drama entrance auditions. In partnership with our public middle schools, we are initiating the first middle school arts program in our area to insure our students have the knowledge and training to become the artists they want to be. To teach them all they need to know and to Inspire them to Aspire to the highest levels.