WR Arts: Young Performers Companies I & II and Trainees

Artistic Director: Stephanie Guiland

Founded in 2014 by Williamsburg Movement & Art Center Founder, Artistic Director Lakey Evans Peña, WR Arts continues the legacy of pre professional performing arts preparation, with our Young Performers Companies I and II. Training options are geared toward a "young performer" who is not only passionate about the performing arts, but is also ready to commit the time to training and working in a more serious environment, with like minded students.

Young Performers Company I (YPC I) begins with a minimum of 3 classes a week in Ballet, Tap or Jazz, plus Friday Repertory. This level of the company as with the other two are grouped by proficiency, not age. It focuses on building a technical through line that will carry over and be showcased in various outside performance opportunities.

YPC II Trainee is the bridging company for YPC I to YPC II. These dancers are required to take a total of 4 classes weekly. These constitute two ballet classes alongside their third technique choice of Tap or Jazz and Friday Repertory. These dancers can be considered for casting in various YPC II commissioned works at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

Young Performers Company II (YPC II) offers our more adept students a continuation of an advanced pre-professional experience. Requirements also include a 4 dance class minimum (mandatory enrollment of 2 ballet classes), Modern and Friday Repertory. YPC II provides the technical training necessary for New York's specialized performing arts high school auditions and the prerequisite technique to participate in the many pre-professional dance summer intensive offered around the city.

With these options, we look forward to being one of the first supportive steps in your child's journey toward a career in performance. But regardless of where they go, the experience of fostering a strong interest in the arts at a young age, will strengthen and create a work ethic and kinetic intelligence that will stay with your children for a lifetime.